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Unlimited Portfolios

With Bellum you can create unlimited portfolios, but not only that, you can choose the number of colums, if you want to display the project title, the categories the description and adjust the number of words in the description, when you create a new project you can change the link of that project, change the style of the single project page, etc.

Unlimited Blogs

With Bellum you can create unlimited blogs, it also supports multiple posts formats so you can create custom galleries, quotes, upload audio files, etc. with the theme options panel you can customize the look of the single post page but you can overwrite that option for the post you want.

Unlimited Sidebars

With the theme options panel you can create all the sidebars you want, you can attach that sidebar to multiple pages, categories, custom post types, templates, etc. That’s it, the interface is really simple to use and beautiful

Contact Form Builder

This theme includes a simple yet powerful contact form builder, it has options to validate the inputs, create multiple type of inputs like, text, checkbox, radio, select, textarea, etc. Please take a look at the video below to learn how to create and publish your contact form.

Beautiful Services

Adding your own services is really simple, you can add any kind of content you want, you are not limited in any way, if you want to change the order of your services, that’s not a problem, just drag and drop the services and that’s all.

1 Click Demo Content

1clickImport the demo content to leave your site like the preview site, with 1 simple click you will have all the content so that way you can change only the parts you want. what are you waiting? purchase this theme now!